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Signature Series; -Monster Cat- Pro Tournament Boat Rods.

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                                      " THE MONSTER CAT BOAT RODS "
                            " The First and the Last Rod you'll ever need "

   Hello Fellow fishermen' ladies and gentlemen alike, My name is Kenny owner and builder at FlameKeeperRods, I know if your looking for a custom rod your a dedicated fisherman as I. Whatever species of fish your chasing I will be chasing as well mentally' when I design and build the custom rod of your dreams.

   My signature rod' the - Monster Cat -  Pro Tournament Boat Rod series is designed for the caliber of the fish you see above, Designed to out perform and fish better than any commercially produced Catfish Boat rod in it's class. In all honesty I don't think you'll find one in it's class nor ever need or want another rod on your boat. That is my promise to you.


   I've been fishing for over 50yrs, started out with my father when I was able to hold a cane pole. I caught my first channel cat from my grandfathers pond when I was in grade school. Advanced to Zebco 33's and Mitchell Spinning reels before I started school and was casting for bass like my father in no time after that. My brothers and I fished every-time we found water that held fish .

   Forgot all about the catfish as we fished for many other species but that all changed the day my brother invited me to go cat-fishing on our 18th birthday, after that day I forgot really all about fishing for anything else that day and thought about and fished consistently for Monster Cats after having what would have been a State record Flathead Catfish in my honest opinion pull free after being on the line for over an hour, I was devastated, but the quest for Monster Cats was born.

   My first rod design was a very nice 8'6" 2pc travel blank for bank fishing catfish, which proved itself handling 30-70lb+ fish in 2007 including the monster above with ease.

   Almost a year afterwards I was already asking and looking into boat rods. Seriously after buying my boat to fish the rivers I soon and very quickly found out' Cat-Fishing from a boat is completely different ball game. From the rods length, power and action, to the reels, line, weights and hooks.

   It was not long I had a Boat rod prototype in the making. Soon I had designed and created an all around Catfish Tournament Boat Rod like no other, my signature rod.

   That handles fish as this swiftly without even the thought of loosing it ;

                       The - Monster Cat -Pro Tournament Boat Rod Series.


   No fish is too Big' in freshwater,
these rods were created for the Pro Cat-fisherman that wants the best rod available in the boat when the time comes to get the fish to the net safely and as fast as he can without the worry of it pulling free. I have never had a rod in my hands that are as versatile as these. No fish is safe, really!!!, everything about them is Unique. It's like having a trio of 130lb Stand-up, 100lb Jigging and 80lb Swim-bait rods all wrapped up into one rod blank in different weight class's. So Balanced it's funny. You will never find another Cat-fishing Boat Rod like these.

You'll have to try one out to really feel the difference between a production rod and Custom.
                       - MONSTER-CAT -  Custom Pro Tournament Boat Rods -
                         - Putting Monster Cats in the boat, One Rod at a time -

 First thing I did was to get them into the hands of a pro to prove my point and the rest is history. Catfish Pro and Pro Staff member Dean Birch of SC, For the first time this past fall used my Monster Cat Pro Tournament Boat Rods in the Cabelas King Kat SC trail Tournament in Nov 2014 and placed second overall' single handed, That's correct "By himself". Nice job on the Grand Opening of my signature rods huh?.

Quote; Dean Birch says..
I fished with a guy yesterday that had the opportunity to use my Flamekeeper Rods.... he like them, yet noticed I still guard them...maybe one day I will get out of that.....at times I am tempted to just use them when I fish alone...but others need to check them out...they are that good. One friend told me he would not use them but frame them...a true workmanship...Thanks for mentioning me on your site. it was a pleasure to use these rods in the Cabelas Classic and to use them on each of my trips. 1/18/15

Pro-Dean Birch and Chris Mann, showing off a couple nice fish, One fat Blue-Cat and Flat-Head on opening day Feb:24:15.
Nice fish, way to go guys...

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